Fall Guys: What parents need to know

Feel like you’ve just wrapped your head around Fortnite and all of a sudden, everyone’s talking about Fall Guys? Don’t fret- we’ve got you. Here is our overview of what parents need to know about the newest game making its way onto screens everywhere.

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Written by Cyber Expert:

Taryn Wren

ICT Teacher

Last modified Jan 14, 2022

What is Fall Guys?

Fall Guys is a relatively new video game (released at the beginning of August 2020) that can be played on PlayStation and PC. The look and feel of the game are not dissimilar to the Mario Series games, in that cute cartoonish game characters race to make their way through a series of obstacles to be the first across the finish line. The game is played as a single or team player and each game begins with sixty players who are randomly matched to a course. There is a range of courses available within the game, all of which involve short elimination style play sessions, with various individual or team obstacle courses and challenges. Players progress through a series of five knockout rounds until there is just one winner remaining.

Is there violence?

There is next to no violence. Cartoonish graphics are used and whilst players do push and scramble over each other to get through obstacles, there is zero blood or gore. 

Is it for younger or older kids?

This game appeals to young and old alike. There are minimal functions or controls available within the game, meaning that it is exceptionally easy to learn and play. The cartoonish graphics coupled with the ease of play makes the game appealing to younger audiences, while the fast pace and competitive antics appeal to older kids (and adults too).

Are there costs?

The game itself is available for purchase (free for PlayStation Plus users). There are two forms of in-game currency known as ‘Kudos’ and ‘Crowns’, both of which can be earned by playing the game. Players earn Crowns by winning a game, while Kudos is earned just for participating- yes, even if you place dead last. Players can also purchase additional Kudos with real money through the game. Players can spend their in-game currency on a small number of virtual items, such as skins (costumes) for their game character.

Can kids communicate with other players?

Players can play in single or multiplayer (up to four in a team) mode. In order to play multiplayer, players need to send their friends a game invite directly, meaning they won’t be randomly allocated to a team of people they don’t know. Players cannot communicate with other players that they have not chosen to join in a team. While team modes are available, ultimately, there can only be one winner in Fall Guys, so teams can only work together for so long!

What should parents look out for?

Screen-Time: Short fast-paced play sessions, a combination of skill and luck required to win, and the ability to earn in-game currency just for playing, make the game very difficult to switch off. Be sure to set limits and give your child a clear finish time before they start their game sesh to help avoid snowballing screen-time and the dreaded techno tantrum.

Single-player per console: The game cannot be played on a split-screen, which means that if you have more than one child wanting to play, they will need to take turns or each have their own device. Unsurprisingly, this can lead to arguments when only one gaming console is available. Have kids set a share regime (such as game for game) before they start playing to help avoid fights.

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