Education & Wellbeing Resources for Parents and Children

See below for a list of great online resources and information for young people if they are in need of extra support.

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Written by Cyber Expert:

Jordan Foster

Clinical Child Psychologist

The Light Project

The Light Project aims to help youth, their whānau, schools and wider communities to positively navigate the new porn landscape in Aotearoa.

In the Know

In the Know is designed to help young people in Aotearoa better understand and navigate some of the tricky porn-related issues and online sexual experiences. Shaped and informed by young people, the site offers tips, tools and pathways to help youth equip themselves for today’s online world.

Safe to Talk

Sexual harm helpline. 

We’re here for you. We’ll listen. We’ll find the support you need, and we won’t judge.

Safe Network

Safe Network works with children who have problematic or concerning sexual behaviours, assisting them to learn to express themselves in healthier ways. Safe Network also specialises in work with adults and adolescents to address their harmful sexual behaviour, particularly towards children.


TOAH-NNEST agencies offer specialist help and support if you are a survivor, or if you have been behaving in harmful sexual ways towards others.

I'm Enough

I’m Enough is here to help question the things that digital evolution has encouraged us to value: likes, followers, shares, comments and the perpetual availability and expectation to respond to messages. 

ICON: In Case of Online Negativity

Most of the time,  Online’s fine,  and when it’s not… there’s ICON.


EDANZ is run by parents, caregivers, and people who have fully recovered from eating disorders. Although we don't have medical qualifications, we've experienced the challenges of eating disorders in real life.


Canopy Eating Disorders Support Services are dedicated to creating and delivering thoughtfully designed support services and programmes that helps Kiwis flourish in their eating disorder and disordered eating recovery journeys.

Headspace - For friends and family

It can be hard as a parent to know the difference between normal behaviour, such as moodiness, irritability and withdrawal, and an emerging mental health problem. This section is designed to help you.

Sticks 'n Stones

Sticks 'n Stones are NZ's multi award winning, authentically youth led bullying prevention organisation.

Village Collective

Equipping Pasifika Youth with the knowledge and resources they need for better-informed, well-being and sexual health decisions.

All Right?

Since its launch in 2013, All Right? has become a powerful champion for wellbeing in Canterbury, helping normalise conversations around wellbeing and mental health.


Accurate and reliable information for NZ parents & whānau about the health and wellbeing of tamariki & rangatahi in Aotearoa.

Burn Bright

Burn Bright exists to promote the prevention of mental illness, specifically anxiety and depression. We help young people to look after their mental health and wellbeing in a proactive and preventative way.

Just Like Us

Our mission is to empower young people to champion LGBT+ equality. We want all young people to know that being LGBT+ is something to be celebrated.

Rainbow Youth NZ

We provide support, information, resources & advocacy for Aotearoa’s
queer, gender diverse, takatāpui and intersex youth.


InsideOUT is a national organisation which works to make Aotearoa a safer place for all young people of minority sexualities, genders and sex characteristics to live and be in.

Intersex Youth Aotearoa

Intersex Youth Aotearoa is a campaign that runs alongside Intersex Trust Aotearoa NZ (ITANZ). We aim to improve the visibility of intersex young people, and to slowly build community and support for rangatahi.

Alcohol Drug Helpline

Our alcohol drug telephone helpline is only a call away. Call 0800 787 797, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to speak with a trained counsellor. All calls are free and confidential. 

Family Drug Support

Assisting families/whānau & friends to deal with alcohol and other drug misuse in a way that strengthens relationships and achieves positive outcomes.